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Sealife Flex Connect Accessories

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Trays, Handles, Arms and Connectors

DC2000/Sea Dragon 2500 Light

The set is depth rated down TO 200FT/60m

$1279.99 PLUS TAX

Scubapro G2 Dive Computer

Air intigrated

Available with or without heart rate belt

$1,469.99 – $2,029.99 plus tax

EBL 18650 Li-ion

(2 x 3000 mAh)

 $24.99 PER PAIR

plus tax

Diverite TranspacBC

(Voyager EXP wing)

with crotch strap and weight pockets.

$749.99 plus tax

30M Underwater Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Find that hidden treasure. 

$199.99 plus tax







Shop early for these Model Clearance Items (limited availability)

Scubapro Aladin ONE Wrist Computer $300.00 MSRP $479.99
Scubapro Aladin H (hose air intigrated) $479.99 MSRP $799.99