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Cylinder ALL in AIR Program

Entry in the program includes;

Visual inspection for Air or Pre Blend Nitrox up to 40%

Air fills at Deans Sport and Dive for the year- expires the 1st day of the month of inspection the following year

Nitrox fills at Deans Sport and Dive for a discounted rate of $10.00  (up to EAN36 in a 100cft cylinder) …Cylinder must be cleaned for oxygen service…


Cost for the program (based on getting all cylinders serviced in the same month)

$75.00 per cylinder for the first 2 cylinders

$60.00 per cylinder for the next 2 cylinders

$40.00 for each additional cylinder

Additional costs that may be incurred in addition to program cost to enroll;

Cleaning for NITROX (Oxygen service) add $30.00 per cylinder

Hydrostatic testing if required  add $35.00 per cylinder

Disassembly and reassembly of twin cylinders $30.00

When purchasing new cylinders add ALL in Air for $50.00 per cylinder