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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Can I get prescription lenses in my diving mask?]
A: [Prescription lenses are available for some masks. We have masks with prescription lenses starting at $155.00. Your prescription can affect the price contact us with your prescription for a price.]

Q: [Will you take any old regulator for the trade in?]
A: [Yes you can trade in any regulator first and second stage working or not toward the trade in.]

Q: [Can anyone join you for your dive team pool sessions?]
A: [Yes if you are a certified diver you may join us at our dive team pool sessions. You must supply your equipment. Dive team members are always free. Other divers must pre register for a minimal fee ($5.00)]

Q: [Is a Visual inspection mandatory on my scuba cylinder?]
A: [Yes In CGA Pub P-5 the Compressed Gas Association requires all cylinders in SCUBA service to be visually inspected annually.]

Q: [Can I fill my own cylinders?]
A: [Yes In the US the US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, requires "Function Specific" training for all employees.  If they fill cylinders they need Fill Station Operator training.  In Canada the rules are even more specific.  Transport Canada regulation B230 requires that persons filling containers be trained. As long as you have the training you can fill your own cylinder]

Q: [Can I do my open waters on my vacation?]
A: [Yes if you get a referral letter from your instructor make arrangements     with the facility on your trip]

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