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Will travel insurance costs be affected for Ontario residence?


The Ontario government’s move to scrap its out-of-country health insurance takes effect on Jan. 1. This means that Ontarians who fall ill while travelling can no longer claim the $400-a-day maximum coverage for inpatient emergency care and the $50-a-day maximum allowed for emergency outpatient services (such as an MRI or a CAT scan) that, until now, were provided by OHIP.

The provincial government has defended its decision by saying that the OHIP coverage was minimal and “inefficient,” given the high cost of medical care abroad – and especially in the United States -- that usually requires private travel insurance.



Cozumel Reefs re open!!

Heading to Cozumel? Here is some good news..
Cozumel reefs have reopened for divers. From December 15, 2019, to March 31, 2020, scuba and snorkeling activities will be allowed in the reef zones from Palancar to Colombia, however the prohibition will continue at El Cielo. During August and September 2020, the government plans to suspend diving and snorkelling in the area of Colombia reef to the Bricks and Cuevones sites of the Palancar reef system, when the corals spawn.